Keeping the Outdoors Out

Piece by piece, the building is edging ever closer to its final form. We recently celebrated the completion of the roof with a topping out ceremony, which was attended by local dignitaries, representatives from the building company, and the school council.

Since then, a layer of silvery insulation has been attached the the building in preparation for the final outer layer of bricks and cladding. We have also begun to see the first windows and doors being fitted in place. Finally, we are happy to report that the first stage of the new plumbing work has been finished. The playground has been almost completely restored to full use and the children have been enjoying the space they are used to. The next stage of this work will commence over Easter so that disruption to school life is minimal.

The silver layer and the beginnings of windows.

The frame of the building is slowly being covered.

The classrooms are becoming easier to imagine as the entrances appear.