Taking Shape

The build has been progressing at an amazing rate recently. A network of scaffolding quickly crisscrossed the site, awaiting the walls that would rise up inside. It seemed like no time at all passed before we were watching the walls being craned into position. Before we knew it, the build site had become a building.

The edge of the building begins to appear.

View from the EYFS area.

From the playground side. More on that in a moment…

Looking more complete, with the roof starting to appear.















Unfortunately, all this progress came with a slight downside. There was an unforeseen problem with the plumbing for the new building. The only solution was to replace the majority of the existing pipe network. This means that the builders will now have to dig up a significant amount of the school playground. The children have been really sensible about this and have made the most of the space we have left. We hope the disruption won’t last too long and we are sure it will all be worth it when we see the new classrooms completed.

Digging away top play.

The building work enters the playground.








While this was happening, the building work on the main site wasn’t stopping. The most recent and exciting development has been the addition of a roof to the main structure. With this in place, we are really starting to get a sense of the finished building.


From here you can you see the roof clearly…

…making the structure look more and more like a building.

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